Jamie Oliver's Air-Fryer Meals viewers say they've spotted issue with show

The celebrity chef has a new Channel 4 programme

Dish Gnarly Pork & Pineapple Noodles Pictured: Jamie Oliver plating up food - tongs in one hand, bowl in the other.
Jamie Oliver has a new show about air fryers. (Channel 4)

What did you miss?

TV viewers were left scratching their heads as Jamie Oliver’s new air fryer cooking show started on Channel 4 – with many querying just how many of the gadgets he had.

Jamie's Air Fryer Meals got under way on Monday (April 15), with the celebrity chef demonstrating what could be done with the popular gadget as he told viewers he was going to “show what this new friend in the kitchen is capable of”.

However, some fans reckoned it looked like the TV star had more than one air fryer at his disposal – and they were pretty miffed about it as they pointed out that most people wouldn't.

What, how, and why?

In the episode, Oliver - who has teamed up with Tefal for the show - whipped up dishes like a whole chicken, Cheddar cheese and chive scones and a prosciutto-baked fish.

But as he talked viewers through his recipes, some were distracted as they thought he was using different air fryers as he went along.

Dish - Kerala-style Roast.Chicken. Pictured: Jamie Oliver stood behind the counter with roast chicken, poppadoms and other plates of food surrounding the platter.
The chef made fish and chicken dishes in the show. (Channel 4)

“Jamie, like all the other TV chefs, seem to think we don't notice they seem to have about 2 or 3 different air fryers, depending what they're trying to cook,” one person posted on X. “Like we all have 2 or 3 of them?”

Someone else agreed: “@JamieOliver how many different @TefalUK model of air fryer do you own? I’ve seen 3 used so far! So we buy a different model for each different meal?”

“#JamiesAirFryerMeals is showing nice recipes, but who realistically owns both a single drawer and a dual drawer air fryer at home?” asked someone else.

One viewer remarked: “Air Fryer Meals is all well and good, but you’ve used a number of different fryers already! We don’t all have a sponsor giving us a different sized device for every meal!!”

Another asked: “Who has multiple air fryers in their kitchen?”

Fans thought the star used a few different air fryers. (Channel 4 screengrab)
Fans thought the star used a few different air fryers. (Channel 4 screengrab)

What else did viewers say?

Regardless of how many different air fryers Oliver may have used, many viewers were thoroughly impressed with his latest offering and said it was giving them tips on meals to try at home.

“Last time a TV programme featuring air fryers was on, I put the phone down on the eldest child,” one person said on X. “This time, I’ve just yelled at Harry, ‘Not now son, Jamie Oliver’s using his air fryer’.”

Someone else commented: “Half way through programme. Fabulous. Excellent meals for an air fryer.”

“Just seen Jamie Oliver do scones in the air fryer... I reckon I'll have a bit of that!” said another fan.

Another hoped Oliver wouldn’t stop at the cooking show, saying: “Hope there will be a book too, as all I ever cook in mine is chicken and chips.”

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