Jamie Oliver baffled by reaction to daughters watching son's birth

Jamie Oliver has said he is baffled at the criticism he received after announcing his two eldest daughters were present for the birth of his youngest son.

The celebrity chef revealed earlier this year that Poppy Honey, 14, and Daisy Boo, 13, watched and assisted mum Jools in the delivery of their brother River Rocket in August.

Oliver said it was Poppy who cut the umbilical cord.

The announcement was met with a mix of praise and criticism, with many saying the delivery room was no place for children.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, Oliver said he was surprised at the controversy, saying only "strange" people could find it odd.

He said: "Most of the world has home births, and different countries have different habits. It's only controversial to really strange people.

"It was an idea from mum and the kids, and we gave it lots of thought. As soon as the baby was out and safe, we got the nod - Poppy cut the umbilical cord!"

Jools Oliver shared a picture of herself breastfeeding baby River a few days after she gave birth.

Oliver said it was "extraordinary" to see his daughters watching the delivery.

"It was the right age for them, the right scenario for us, and I witnessed their initial raw emotion as the little one was handed to them," he said.

"I know they respect their mum now even more than they already did. It was an amazing show of strength."