Jamie Webster explains two moments that changed everything for him

Jamie Webster is headlining the second night of In The Park
-Credit: (Image: John Johnson)

There were two moments in his early career where Jamie Webster felt he was onto something.

The Liverpool musician has sold-out the M&S Bank Arena, headlined two nights on the Pier Head and performed Glastonbury several times. However, his performance tomorrow in Sefton Park will be in front of his biggest crowd yet with over 30,000 people watching on.

It’s been a great time personally for Jamie too, he married his new wife Rachael in May. Speaking to the ECHO ahead of the gig, he revealed the one promise he’s made amidst all these events.

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Jamie said: “Last summer felt like the summer of my life with the Pier Head shows, doing Glastonbury again, and the massive summer of festivals. But this year, it’s been weird.

“I haven't really had too much time to think about everything. I went into my first ever EU tour in October, then the UK tour in November. The album came out at the end of January, and all the work on that ran on until March, and then I turned 30 in April. I got married at the end of May, and then I've had everything that's followed.

“You pinch yourself really. You have them moments of wow, I'm doing all this. It's stuff that you never ever thought you'd ever be doing. I'm always quite driven, I'm always onto the next thing, and one of my biggest flaws for myself is that I don't stop to appreciate what's going on and take things in, but I've made the promise to myself that I'm going to do that.

“I've been nervous for the past few weeks with lots of big sets, but I've also enjoyed them so much and I've had some of the best times of my life.”

The singer-songwriter has come a long way from performing in pubs across Liverpool as a 17 year-old, with only a smattering of people turning up to his sets. It was only when he got two surprising reactions to what would be his first ever single, Weekend in Paradise, that he first started to believe he was onto something.

Jamie said: “It's a surreal thing. I remember playing 'Weekend In Paradise’ in the pubs before it was released, and I used to do it to test the waters. I'd play it in between two big sing-along songs. I remember playing it in the Slaughterhouse one night, I think it was 2018, and everyone was dancing.

“They were clapping their hands, jumping up and down. A few mates of mine who were in there were singing the words. There were maybe about 20, 30 people. I remember at the end of the song, people running up to me, asking me who played that song, and who was that song by, because they thought it was a cover.

Jamie performing at the On The Waterfront last year
Jamie performing at the On The Waterfront last year -Credit:Liverpool Echo

“I thought to myself, maybe I've reached the level here where I'm actually I'm quite good at this now.

“My wife, Rachael, I've been with her nearly eight years, so long before any single releases or anything like that. I used to write songs, as she sat on the couch or whatever. I always remember with ‘Weekend In Paradise’, she completely stopped what she was doing when I sang it to her. We were in a log cabin somewhere in the Lake District.

“She stopped what she was doing and she was like, that is unbelievable. Rachael is my biggest fan along with my mum. For her to get so excited about something like that - they were all moments that you look back to.”

Jamie will be performing in a stellar line-up tomorrow that includes The Reytons, Red Rum Club and Brooke Combe, as well as a second stage for emerging local talent including The Sway and Reignmaker. He has promised fans it will be something special.

Jamie said: “This gig has come round a lot quicker than I thought. But make no mistake, I've pulled out every stop that I possibly could for this.

“I've got special guests basically from the minute we walk on stage, people who've done massive things in the city and the world as well. It's not just singers. We've got actors coming on to narrate. We've got all sorts of stuff happening.

“I'm going to do the least talking that I've ever done on a stage in my life because, uh, I've got 24 songs to get through in the space of an hour and 45 minutes. That's why I've got actors in to narrate because they won't go off topic like I always do.

“It's just going to be an unbelievable night. I can't give too much away.

“We've put a festival on effectively for £50. It's going to be boss and I just hope everyone has as good a time as I know I'm going to have on stage. I've never put so much into a gig.”

“Everything is planned to give the people who've got tickets a night to remember and a worthwhile night for the money. I know times are hard at the moment, that's obviously my messaging.”

Jamie also revealed free tickets have been given to local organisations, including The Florrie, the LFC Foundation, Everton in the Community, An Hour For Others and The Owen McVeigh Foundation. Children over the age of 14 who are part of these groups will be going.

Speaking about the importance of this, Jamie said: “It's not just about the music, it's about the community, and it's about the message that I carry, which is very much that we look after each other. I just think it'll be a night for the ages in terms of the musical history of the city.

“I feel so lucky and so grateful to be in the position that I'm in, I just can't wait for tomorrow.”

Jamie’s latest single, Breadline, is out now. More information about In The Park can be found here.

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