Jana Kramer would 'love' another baby

Jana Kramer had a pregnancy scare credit:Bang Showbiz
Jana Kramer had a pregnancy scare credit:Bang Showbiz

Jana Kramer would "love" to have another baby.

The 40-year-old singer and actress only gave birth to her and fiance Allan Russell's son Roman five months ago, but she recently experienced a "little whoopsie" and the pregnancy scare made the 'Why Ya Wanna' hitmaker - who also has Jolie, eight, and Jace, five, with ex-husband Mike Caussin - realise she's not necessarily finished having children.

Speaking on her 'Whine Down' podcast, Jenna said: "It's literally never happened before, he's so careful. So, I take a test and I see a faint, faint, faint, faint, faint, faint line."

Noting she was "freaking out" because her period was late, she added: "This is how it happened with Roman.

"Then Jace takes this little rock and he goes, out of nowhere, I mean literally, out of nowhere, 'Dear God, I want mommy to have another baby,' and prays to this rock. And I was like, 'Throw the rock outside. Chuck the rock outside. So I was like, 'I'm totally pregnant.'..

"But then three days later, I started my period.

"I was like, 'Well, I kind of want another one. I got to a place where I'm like, 'I would love another one with [Allan] on the right timeline.'"

However, Jenna admitted her age has stopped her wanting to get pregnant again, though Allan is open to having another baby.

She said: "If I was younger, I would have another in a heartbeat. If I was 38, I would have another one.

"I don't think my body could handle another one and he doesn't want to do IVF, so I think it's done."

The 'One Tree Hill' actress and her partner previously explained the origins of their son's name, with his middle name of James having a special meaning.

In a statement after Roman's birth, Jana told People magazine: “Allan and I are both overjoyed and truly grateful to announce the birth of our son, Roman James Russell.

“We feel blessed to have been given the chance to create something so special together.

“The name Roman really isn’t inspired by anyone, it’s just a strong name that we both love, but James (his middle name) was both of our grandpa’s names, so that was a nod to them.”