Jane Asher loves crosswords and baking

Jane Asher is embracing the simple things in life credit:Bang Showbiz
Jane Asher is embracing the simple things in life credit:Bang Showbiz

Former Swinging Sixties party girl Jane Asher prefers the quieter things in life these days including crossword puzzles and baking.

The 78-year-old actress and author famously dated former Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney, 81, at the time and they lived with Jane and her family at their Wimpole Street town house in London before they got their own house, and were engaged until the 'Alfie' actress caught him in bed with groupie Francie Schwartz – leading to her calling off their wedding in July 1968.

These days, the mother-of-three – who has been married to Gerald Scarfe since 1981 – loves the simple life of reading, brain games and making cakes.

She told Yours magazine: "Of course, I've changed hugely and I really enjoy time at home watching TV. I like things that have lateral questions and are more about how your brain works.

I love doing The Times crossword puzzles. They're maddening and infuriating, but because you're worrying about something totally silly and unnecessary, it kind of takes stress away from other things. It's a great distraction. I've also just rediscovered the joy of reading. I love technology but the simple pleasure of reading a book is great."

The 'Mandy' star finds baking "super relaxing".

She shared: "So many people took up baking during lockdown for the first time, which was wonderful. I did some too. Home baking is still a big part of my life and it's super relaxing.

The feeling of pride you get putting a cake on the table for people to enjoy is lovely."

She also loves sewing after getting to grips with the craft.

Jane told the publication: "I really really love it. The fabrics you can buy online are so beautiful and there's a limitless choice. It's much cheaper making a dress for someone than buying it, and you can make it unique."

Elsewhere, the author admitted it's unlikely she will pen another novel.

She said: "Id like to think so but whether I really will do another one, I don't know. I always intended to write a fourth novel but it's now such a long time since I wrote the others I think, realistically, it's unlikely, but you never know."

On what makes her happy, she added: "Looking out of the window and seeing a bit of sunshine after such a lot of rain makes a difference. It's surprising how much of an effect the weather has an you. A nice warm, spring or summer day makes me happy!"