Jane McDonald says 'I have to make a decision every morning' as she opens up

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TV star Jane McDonald has opened up about her personal struggles with grief, revealing the daily choices she faces to stay positive. The beloved presenter and singer, known for her hit series 'Holidaying with Jane McDonald', has faced profound loss with the passing of both her mother Jean in 2018 and her fiance Eddie Rothe in 2021.

In a heartfelt conversation with Ranvir Singh, who was filling in as host on ITV's morning programme 'Lorraine', Jane shared insights into her journey through bereavement.

Jane expressed: "You have to find your way of dealing with it. It is not easy, it never leaves you either. Everybody thinks, 'ooo she is back on track.' No.

"It never leaves you, I have to make a decision every morning what my day is going to be like... I choose to go the positive way, it is not always easy."

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Lorraine's guest, Jane, discussed her forthcoming stage tour, referring to it as her "purpose". She offered: "If you have a bad day, that's fine, have a bad day. Now I look at my life and think I've got a lot more good days in my life than I have bad days now.

"I've come on leaps and bounds and I think the music and touring again and getting back with my band and writing new stuff again it has given me such joy and a purpose. My purpose is to go out and entertain... I feel my purpose now is to get back out on that stage."

Jane will embark on her 'With All My Love' tour starting October 2024.