Janelle Monae dreams of singing Bond theme

Janelle Monae would love to take charge of a Bond theme credit:Bang Showbiz
Janelle Monae would love to take charge of a Bond theme credit:Bang Showbiz

Janelle Monae hopes she's asked to record a Bond theme.

The 38-year-old singer has admitted she's a huge fan of the 007 franchise and she feels her music would work perfectly as the theme to one of the movies because her work is already "cinematic" and she understands "big band orchestration".

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I love the score of a lot of the James Bond films. 'Goldfinger' is one of my favourites, and 'You Only Live Twice' is another. So they can definitely call me!"

She added: "My music has always been cinematic, so I’ve always understood cinema and big band orchestration, string arrangements. I feel it in my ovaries."

The last Bond theme for 'No Time to Die' was sung by pop star Billie Eilish and it won her a Grammy and an Academy Award.

Meanwhile Janelle also has another huge career-defining moment coming up as she's due to perform at Glastonbury Festival for the second time later this month.

When asked what she has planned for the performance, she explained: "I am so excited to be playing Glastonbury. I’m a pretty unpredictable performer and I think all of us are going to be surprised.

"Depending on who I look at in the audience things can go left, right, centre, up, down. I could float and land on the top of the stage and then fly to the moon.

"Then come back down, parachute to the ground, and dig a hole with my wellies and just lie there for an hour. We’ll just have to see what happens."

It comes after the singer previously insisted she will only talk about her work and not about her private life.

Janelle announced in 2018 that she identifies as pansexual – meaning that she is attracted to people regardless of their gender – and while she is currently thought to be single, little is known about her love life because she has an “agreement” with herself that she will keep it out of the public eye.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: “I have a policy and agreement with myself — that is a part of my life that I want to keep private. I can talk about my identity, I can talk about my sexuality. I can talk about all things Janelle Monae without having to go into detail. You know what I mean? It’s not necessary!”