Japanese Rugby Fan Learns to Sing Russian and Samoan Anthem for World Cup

A Japanese rugby fan went the extra mile, learning the Samoan and Russian national anthems while attending the World Cup, on Tuesday September 24.

Taito Sakurai (@SakuraiTaito on Twitter) posted videos of himself studying the anthems before the game. Mr Sakurai later uploaded a video of himself singing the Samoan anthem at the game. He tweeted at the time, “I would like to report that Samoa is the winner in national singing.”

Samoa defeated Russia in the pool match 34-9. The fan may have had a stake in watching the game, as Japan are in the same pool as Samoa and Russia.

Mr Sakurai’s welcoming act follows a crowd of Japanese rugby fans singing the Russian national anthem before Japan’s match against the nation. Credit: @SakuraTaito via Storyful