Jason Bateman to direct first two episodes of Black Rabbit series

Jason Bateman is set to direct the first two episodes of his upcoming series Black Rabbit.

In October 2022, it was announced that Bateman and Jude Law would star in and executive produce the Netflix limited series.

The Ozark actor revealed on Monday's episode of the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast that he will direct too.

"I'm going to direct the first two (episodes) and oversee the whole thing," he shared.

The plot details were kept under wraps when the project was originally announced. However, Bateman divulged the premise during his interview.

"Jude Law and I play brothers that own a restaurant, kind of, nightclub. There's a big shoot-out in the first episode, and a couple people die, and there's ski masks, and you're trying to figure out who they are," he teased.

To prepare for his role, the Horrible Bosses star has been growing his hair and a beard.

"I have a beard and long hair because I'm playing a loser," he explained. "I've got two more months of growth for this nonsense - all of this c**p (my hair). I just had it thinned out too, because it just got even uglier than it's supposed to get."

The actor is due to begin "six weeks of prep" before shooting starts in April. It is scheduled to wrap in New York in October.

Bateman has previously directed episodes of Ozark, The Outsider and Arrested Development as well as two films; 2013's Bad Words and 2015's The Family Fang.