Jason Kelce jokes he’s ready to ‘beat’ on his daughter’s four-year-old crush

 (Getty Images/Instagram)
(Getty Images/Instagram)

Jason Kelce had the ultimate dad response after discovering that his daughter Wyatt has a crush on someone in her preschool class.

The newly retired NFL star, 36, shared how he plans to handle his four-year-old daughter’s recent crush. “Wyatt’s got a crush on one of the boys. I’m not telling you his name, but you can just tell in the way she talks about him, so I’m ready to beat the f*** out of him,” the father of three told his brother, Travis Kelce, during the latest episode of their New Heights podcast.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center jokingly said that he knows “how these f***ers think when they’re five,” adding: “I know exactly what’s going through his mind.”

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs star applauded his older brother’s plan, and chimed in with his own strategy to protect his niece from boys at school. “Just go after the dad,” Travis suggested. “Just be like: ‘Calm your kid down. He doesn’t need to be this cool, he’s only in preschool.’”

Kelce – who also shares daughters Elliotte, three, and Bennett, 14 months, with wife Kylie Kelce – noted that his eldest daughter has received “rave reviews” from the teachers at her preschool, which he attributes to their mother. “Obviously, she’s taken after Kylie very well,” he said.

In fact, the former NFL player shared that Wyatt and Elliotte are currently attending the same preschool. Kelce explained that he recently visited for a recent parent-teacher conference, where he praised the teachers as “impressive” and even revealed that his wife’s former preschool educator is now teaching his daughters.

“It’s just awesome to see and I think it’s really cool to hear your kids experiencing things on their own and then come back to share them with you,” Kelce added.

Travis – who is dating 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift – then offered up his own words of wisdom to his nieces. “Shoutout to Wy for not getting kicked out yet and Ellie, keep enjoying it, girl,” he said.

Kelce and his wife Kylie have been married for six years. The couple went public with their relationship in 2015, after meeting on Tinder. Following their wedding in 2018, the pair welcomed their first daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, in October 2019; their second daughter, Elliotte Ray, in March 2021; and their third daughter, Bennett Llewellyn, in February 2023.

Before giving birth to their youngest daughter, Kylie brought her obstetrician-gynecologist as a guest to the 2023 Super Bowl, where she was 38 weeks pregnant. Their daughter Bennett later made her NFL debut at her father’s Eagles game in October 2023 at just nine months old.

Elsewhere during the podcast, the brothers addressed how Travis was recording the episode from an undisclosed location in Paris, France – where Swift recently kicked off the European leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour.

The “Anti-Hero” singer returned to the stage on Thursday 9 May and introduced a brand new setlist with the track “So High School” off her latest album, The Tortured Poet’s Department. The song appeared to be a nod to Travis, who she’s been dating since summer 2023, as her backup dancers all performed a version of swag surfing – a tradition adopted by the Chiefs after scoring a touchdown.

Travis was even spotted supporting Swift from the audience, where he sat alongside model Gigi Hadid and her rumoured boyfriend, actor Bradley Cooper.