Peter Wyngarde dead: Jason King actor dies aged 90 after prolific career

Jennifer ruby

Actor Peter Wyngarde, best known for playing sleuth Jason King in television show Department S, has died at the age of 90.

The prolific star of stage and screen passed away at Chelsea and Westminster hospital on Monday, his agent confirmed.

“He was one of the most unique, original and creative actors that I have ever seen. As a man, there were few things in life he didn't know,” said Thomas Bowington.

“I sometimes nicknamed him the King because he simply knew everything.”

Iconic: Peter Wyngarde is best known for playing Jason King

His longtime manager and agent added: “He was a mentor on everything you can think of, from sports cars to how to make a good cup of tea and how to do a tie and shirt.

"He died at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (in London), and even then he was saying that you shouldn’t button the upper button on a shirt.

“As a person he was the most exceptional person I met in my life and a great mentor and teacher.”

Wyngarde started his career on stage in a production on Noel Cowards’ Present Laughter at Birmingham’s Theatre Royal in 1947 and went on to play roles on the big screen in Alexander the Great and The Siege.

He guest-starred in a number of television shows including The Saint and The Avengers during the 1960s before landing the lead in spy drama Department S in 1969, based on a series of bestselling novels.

Following the success of the show, his character was given his own spin-off, simply titled Jason King, which aired in 1971.

Later roles included Klytus in Flash Gordon and appearances in shows such as Doctor Who.