Jason Manford says his 'under-privileged childhood' motivates him to keep kids grounded

Watch: Jason Manford doesn't spoil kids due to his 'underprivileged' childhood

Jason Manford has said his "under-privileged" childhood has motivated him to keep his own children grounded.

The comedian and father-of-six said that while he "struggled", his kids have opportunities he didn't have.

However, while speaking on Dave Berry's Dadpod podcast he revealed that his plans to share more about his background with his offspring backfired.

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“I struggled, and I had a tough childhood... I had an under-privileged childhood," Manford, 40, said. "I found out later because at the time, I didn't know. I just, I had nothing to compare it against and I just spent my childhood laughing and having a good time and playing and, you know. I didn't really notice it.

Jason Manford says he had an 'under-privileged' childhood. (Photo by Thomas M Jackson/Getty Images)
Jason Manford says he had an 'under-privileged' childhood. (Photo by Thomas M Jackson/Getty Images)

"But my kids obviously have got all these opportunities and I think I'm a bit pushy when it comes to certain things... We had a moment where I did that thing which I'm sure all parents have done at some point, where you go driving around the places that you grew up in with your kids in the back to sort of show 'em like what you experienced.

"I was like driving down my old road, my old council estate road and I was about to tell 'em oh this is where Daddy grew up. And there was a moment where my daughter locks the door in the back of the car. I was like, what are you doing, and she went, ‘oh it looks a bit rough round here, Daddy.’ I was like, this is where I'm from you cheeky git."

Manford shares three daughters and a son, with his first wife Catherine. He went on to welcome two more children with his second wife Lucy Dyke.

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He explained he sometimes finds it "very hard" to tell off his children due to working away frequently and being split up from his older kids' mother.

Manford said he was a "softer" parent because he doesn't want the days they do spend together to be "hampered by a grounding or a telling off".

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