Jason Momoa look-a-like postman gets mobbed by women his wife has to 'fend off'

(Left) Jason Momoa and Ian Wills (right) Ian with his wife Claire
(Left) Jason Momoa and Ian Wills (right) Ian with his wife Claire -Credit:Kennedy News and Media

A dad from the West Midlands frequently gets stopped in the street thanks to his looks. Ian Wills holds a striking resemblance to Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, with women fawning over him even when he is out with his wife, Claire Edwards-Wills.

The 52-year-old even gets asked for autographs and photos when he is out and about. And when the real Jason Momoa saw him at a Comic Con event in 2019, he was taken aback.

The Hollywood heartthrob stopped, tilted his head and exclaiming 'woah' declaring he 'could be my stunt double'. One of Ian's friends also works as a lookalike and suggested he could rake it in as the Aquaman star's doppelganger prompting the postie to sign up with a lookalike agency in 2020 just before Covid hit, WalesOnline reports.

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The dad-of-three even went under the needle and had the star's iconic shark teeth inked onto his left arm. And now the buff 6ft 3in bloke has to fend off women even while out with Claire and reason with unbelieving fans telling them 'Jason Momoa is not going to be shopping in Primark '.

Ian, from Wolverhampton, said: "I do get mistaken for Jason Momoa in the street a lot - in the most bizarre of places. I'm always polite to people, but Jason Momoa isn't going to be shopping in Primark.

Ian Wills with Jason Momoa (left)
Ian Wills with Jason Momoa (left) -Credit:Kennedy News and Media

"90 per cent of people who stop me in the street are women. Shopping in Primark, some people will follow you around. My wife will look at me and go 'oh God we've got another one'. What my wife doesn't like is when women come up to me and want to touch my hair. I'm always polite to people, but Jason Momoa isn't going to be shopping in Primark."

Claire, 44, says that women in some parts of the country are worse than others and claims she has to attend gigs in Wales with him as 'back-up' due to the 'touchy-feely' Welsh women. Ian, who plays guitar in a Deep Purple tribute band, said it was his aunty who first noticed the similarity to the actor seven years ago when she watched Stargate Atlantis.

After catching an episode on TV and spotting how similar they looked, Ian joked his parents 'weren't telling him something'. "My aunty originally said to me you look like a guy off the TV, she couldn't remember his name but said he's in Stargate Atlantis," he said.

"I saw him on TV one day and I thought 'wow, my mum and dad are not telling me something here'. Just after that I was doing gigs around the country and people started talking to me in the street saying 'you look like Jason Momoa' and making comments at gigs saying I looked like Aquaman. "

The couple went to Comic Con in London in 2019 so Ian could have a snap with his famous lookalike, duping many fans who flocked around him demanding selfies and autographs.

Ian Wills with his wife Claire
Ian Wills with his wife Claire -Credit:Kennedy News and Media

Ian said: "My wife paid for me to have a photo with Jason. When we walked in I was mobbed by people who started taking my photo and following me around doing videos, it was insane.

"Some of the artists and stars that do Comic Con charge quite a lot of money for their autographs and photos. Some people don't want to pay and were saying 'I'll have a picture with you, it's the next best thing'.

"I signed stuff on the day, which was a bit weird, I just put 'Jason Momoa lookalike'. When I met him [in passing] he just looked at me, stopped, tilted his head and went 'woah'. When I saw him 20 minutes later to get an autograph he said 'man you could be my stunt double'. I said 'yes please'."

Ian decided to take the plunge and sign up to an agency and take bookings for sports events and birthday parties. Fans can either book Ian as Jason Momoa or as action superhero Aquaman, where he will attend wearing his £500 custom-made suit.

Ian said: "I've been a musician since I was a young lad but when you're playing on stage with a group of guys you feel protected by that. When you do the lookalike work people are coming to see you because they think you look like someone else, it's a bit of a bizarre feeling.

"I can do the American accent. It can be tricky but he's got a very interesting dialect and a deep voice, which is similar to mine. He mumbles quite a lot so it's quite easy to get, he talks quite quickly and deeply.

"I did somebody's 70th birthday last year, that was interesting and the lady absolutely adored it so that was pretty fun. I did Birmingham Comic Con one year and within seconds I was getting mobbed by loads of kids, it's a nice feeling."

Claire added: "It's just part and parcel of things now. It can be strange at times because if we go to get some shopping he'll get stopped. We've had people shouting across the supermarket in Aldi and Tesco going 'oh my God look who he looks like' so it can be a bit embarrassing. He gets it quite a lot.

"Sometimes I just leave him to it and I carry on doing the weekly shop. It's happened in other shops too, he's not going to be in Primark in Dudley is he?

"I don't like people touching him. It's happened when we've been on a night out, we've gone to a gig, and people say 'oh you look like him, can I have a photo?' and I'm like 'it's our night out'. Sometimes I wish people wouldn't do that but I understand. For me he's my husband, he's just a normal guy. If he was famous maybe I'd get it a bit more but he's not.

"I wouldn't go up to their husbands and go 'can I have a photo with him?' It's a bit random, it can be a bit frustrating. Women, depending on where you are in the country, are worse in some areas than others.

"When he's done his gigs in Wales. They're very, very touchy-feely there. He prefers to have me there because it's a back-up for him. I don't see him as Jason, I love him for him. He's just the guy I fell in love with."