Jason Momoa Is Super Into Lower Body Workouts Right Now For A Role -- But He Admits He's One Of Those Dudes Who Skips Leg Day A Lot

 Shirtless Jason Momoa walking through submarine in Aquaman movie.
Shirtless Jason Momoa walking through submarine in Aquaman movie.

All it takes is watching Jason Momoa in his most badass roles to know those muscles didn’t just magically appear. Through his dedicated training routine, the Hawaiian actor knows what he needs to do to look superhero ripped whether he’s portraying DC’s Aquaman or part of the cast of Minecraft. While the actor admits he’s very into lower-body workouts for his upcoming movie with Dave Bautista, he also admits he's usually a dude who skips Leg Day a lot.

While Momoa is never one to shy away from the dad bod in between roles, recently admitting he worked his way up to 260 lbs after wrapping on his last several gigs (the pasta while filming Fast X didn't help), he's also never one to shy away from working toward a toned physique if roles like Aquaman, Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo, and more ask for it. When speaking to GQ about his fitness routine, Momoa explained how often he keeps up with his lifting.

When it comes to lifting, it just depends on the role that I'm working on. For example, right now, my guy is a bit of a—I don’t want to give too much away—but he’s definitely not in shape, so there’s not a lot of lifting going on.

Despite the lack of alleged lifting, Momoa did share a video a few days ago announcing his return to the gym for The Wrecking Crew, the new movie he is set to film with the also often-in-shape Dave Bautista. He hyped up the return to the gym with an avid "I gotta get in shape for Bautista!" comment just a few days ago.

What is different about Momoa's workout this time around is that he's not skipping leg day. He told the outlet in his interview in support of his Guinness partnership that he actually hates working out his legs because they become basically tree trunks and it makes his favorite exercise  activity -- climbing -- harder.

But, I am maintaining my legs, which I never used to do because I love climbing, and I’m already 230 to 240 pounds without adding weight onto my legs. When I lift for my legs, I go up to 250 to 260 pounds, so I'm kind of fucked, and am not able to climb anymore, but I feel great. When I’m doing my legs, my whole body feels better, and it just kind of maintains everything.

It’s very good that Jason Momoa is continuing to work out his legs even if it ultimately could lead to a pause in his climbing schedule. And we all know about the insane rock-climbing Momoa would do to prep for Aquaman 2. He said his maintenance workouts involve an 88-pound and a 106-pound kettlebell he'd swing, do squats with, and deadlifts.

If Jason Momoa's whole body feels better working every part of his body, that’s how you know the talented actor is doing something right. The  Frontier actor has spoken about his “dad bod” in recent months, but I’m sure his upcoming movies will get him back in the fitness swing again.

Listen, dad bod or no dad bod, Momoa is still in great shape, and I can't wait to see what happens when he teams up with a GOTG star.