Jason Tartick Is 'Trying to Barely Survive' amid 'Tidal Waves of Depression' Following Kaitlyn Bristowe Split

The former 'Bachelorette' suitor — who announced on Aug. 6 that his engagement had ended — said that "there's no timeline" for "handling grief and being in love with someone and losing that someone"

Jason Tartick is still in the emotional throes of making peace with his split from ex-fiancée Kaitlyn Bristowe.

On the latest episode of his Trading Secrets podcast, Tartick opened up about how he's been coping amid the breakup. "Kaitlyn has been in L.A. working this week so I've been lucky enough to have the boys with me and it has been just a true blessing," Tartick, 34, said, referencing the former couple's two dogs Ramen and Pinot.

"I just think through this time and it's like, honestly, we talk a lot about careers and money here, and that is a huge foundation to our life, but it just comes down to relationships, friendships and those who are around you. And even though Ramen and Pinot are animals and pets, they’re best friends to me, and just having them with me has been amazing," he continued. "Having a great support system [in the] last month to few months has been everything to me. I've leaned on them harder than I've ever in my life — ever — leaned on my support system."

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The former Bachelorette suitor noted that he has been going to therapy, even planning to attend his next session the day after recording Monday's episode. Tartick's time in counseling has taught him that "there's no timeline" for "handling grief and being in love with someone and losing that someone."

"It's just sad, it's lonely, it's an empty feeling. And there's times where you have these just tidal waves of depression, but then there are these times where, like, you feel lifted and you feel good again," he explained. "And it's just this back-and-forth flood of emotions."

"What I'm learning is that, you know, grieving is just the whole process of honoring, respecting and having love for what was, but then also at the same time, with the same level, and if not more, honoring, respecting and having love for what is," he added. "But we'll get there."

<p>Ethan Miller/Getty</p>

Ethan Miller/Getty

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Though Tartick feels "a little bit better" as he continues to process the split, he admitted, "I'm not trying to thrive here. You know, I am trying to barely survive here."

"I feel like the foundation that I'm on right now is like it feels like quicksand if you will, and I'm just trying to make it like beach sand where it's still hard to walk but, like, it's not sinking," he said. "Figuring out where I'm gonna go, what I’m gonna do, what I'm gonna buy, if I'm gonna rent. I'm in a very, very short-term temporary situation now, but I need to figure out something quick here. So that's been my focus and I think It's just been a lot, you know, it's day by day, it gets better."

Tartick added, "I feel fortunate saying this at 34, but the grief that I have experienced in the last, like, few months is the hardest grief I've ever experienced in my life. And I know when I say that at 34, that I am so lucky that a breakup with a fiancée is the hardest grief I’ve ever experienced."

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Frazer Harrison/Getty

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Tartick announced his split with Bristowe, 38, on Aug. 6 in a joint Instagram statement. At the time, the former couple noted that "continuing our friendship is incredibly important to both of us" as they move forward separately.

"We feel grateful to be ending our engagement with love and respect for each other," they added. "It's heartbreaking and sad to say goodbye, but our care and admiration for one another will never die."

Shortly after sharing the news, Tartick shared how it's "been a little bit of a challenge" navigating life post-split. "When I'm prepared and feel ready to talk through how these things also impact my life, what's next for me, I will share those," he added.

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