Jay Blades nearly moved to tears on The Repair Shop as guest reminisces over restored family heirloom

The Repair Shop's host Jay Blades had difficulty suppressing his emotions during a touching segment of the show that aired on Tuesday, July 2nd. In the episode from 2022, sisters Fredericka and Louisa Charles from London approached Mark Stuckey and Sonnaz Nooranvary, hoping to restore their cherished family heirloom.

The item they brought in was a 1960s radiogram that belonged to their parents who were part of the Windrush generation. Their parents migrated from Dominica when people hailing from Caribbean regions were appealed to rebuild the UK post-war.

Their radiogram was one of the early major acquisitions made by the couple after having established new lives in England. As per Fredericka, the radiogram was usually brought into play on Sundays, which she recalled as "the big social day" when extended kins would gather for music sessions.

Following their father's demise in 2013, the surviving family members would often "play a couple of his tunes on it."

Sadly, in 2019, the instrument abruptly stopped working which left the siblings bereft.

Jay Blades on The Repair Shop
Jay Blades on The Repair Shop -Credit:(Image: BBC)

Later on the show, Fredericka and Louisa came back to the repair shop with a record in hand. Fredericka held a Nat King Cole album featuring 'Mona Lisa', a track frequently played by their parents.

Keeping crew and audience members guessing about the restored radiogram, Jay commented, "They're anticipating it's working," while Mark added, "Well, that's what I was wondering."

Fredericka admitted with heartfelt emotion: "Um, joy, really. Joy and really happy memories."

As Mark unveiled the restored radiogram, prompting Louisa to be visibly moved to tears.

Siblings on The Repair Shop
The duo were emotional when getting their special item back -Credit:(Image: BBC)

The sound of music from the revived device brought Louisa to an emotional state, her head cradled in her hands, while Fredericka also fought back tears; Jay and Mark were visibly affected by the poignant moment.

Jay's eyes filled with emotion as the sisters expressed their gratitude for the restoration work. Fredericka reminisced: "That transported me right back and all I could see was my mum and my dad."

The 54-year-old restorer shared his appreciation: "I can't thank you enough for bringing it in... and taking me back down memory lane."

Mark echoed the sentiment, saying: "It's been a real pleasure, it really has. Now, time to enjoy."

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.