Jay Slater cops give major update on mystery Brit men who partied with teen in Tenerife

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Officers investigating the disappearance of Jay Slater in Tenerife have confirmed that two mystery Brits are 'not relevant' to the case.

The latest twist comes just days after a private investigator called the men 'key witnesses' as they were with him at a secluded Airbnb rental before he vanished.

Head of the Civil Guard's Greim mountain rescue unit, Cipriano Martin, stated: "They have already spoken to the men and it didn't have any point of relevance to the case."

The Spanish law enforcement officer made this statement during the first press briefing since 19-year-old Jay's disappearance in Tenerife. The search has now entered its 14th day, reports the MEN.

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A 'massive' search operation got underway yesterday after the Civil Guard issued a general call to action although just six volunteers turned up to take part.

At a press conference at Mirador La Cruz de Hilda, one of the main search points, authorities spoke about the challenges they're facing in tracking down Jay. They said: "We know to a certain science that he was here because the coverage of his phone its undeniable that he was around this point. And that's where we have difficulties, because once you turn off your phone, it can no longer be traced."

He added: "So while he was walking - and we don't know how long he could have walked for - with his phone switched off, no antenna is going to pick that up. And the technology we have - it traces phones, but not people. We have certain clues, and we have to stick to those."

Answering a question about when he personally would talk to the two English men, Mr Martin stated: "The part of the investigators on the case - which isn't us, we are in charge of actually doing the search on the mountain - they are the ones in charge of doing the investigation. They have already spoken to the men and it didn't have any point of relevance to the case."

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