Jay Slater family plan UK fundraisers to pay for search lasting ALL summer

Jay Slater's family say they will use the GoFundMe funds to fund a summer-long search for the missing 19-year-old. The Brit, who vanished in Tenerife in mid-June, went missing after a rave in the Canary Islands and family are raising funds to help aid the hunt.

The official search for the missing apprentice bricklayer was called off by Spanish cops this weekend. A source close to the family told The Sun: "Jay has a lot of friends and family back in Lancashire who feel pretty helpless at the moment.

"They’re following the case every day on the news and on social media. A lot of them would love to be in Tenerife but it's not possible. "Many of them have set up a Facebook campaign turning their profile pictures blue and using Jay’s face as their image."

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It comes as Peter Bleksley said Tenerife cops may be reluctant to properly investigate the case as they fear it may hinder tourism. He said: "This island is so heavily dependent upon tourism, is there reluctance on behalf of the police to actually delve as deep as they should into the murky world where we know there are drugs.

"We know that Tenerife, other Spanish islands and the Costas in southern Spain are heavily populated by criminals, organised criminals from the Russian mafia to local criminals, to British gangsters and more." The Channel 4 Hunted star went on: "Do they not want an accurate picture painted of what this area is like.

"And is that in part a reason why there may be some reluctance to delve as deep as I feel they should?". And Jay's dad Warren, 58, told The Sun: "My only question is, and this is where you start the investigation from, why did two grown men take a young boy to a valley to a bed and breakfast? I can't understand that.

"Why? Why? You need to ask them why and then start from there.”