Jay Slater family say search is not over as they vow to continue hunt for missing teen in Tenerife

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Jay Slater's family and friends have vowed to continue their search for the missing teenager despite the official police search being halted.

Rachel Hargreaves, a family friend, expressed their determination: "We will be staying out here and doing all we can to find Jay." This comes after authorities ceased their search operations near Masca's mountain village where Jay Slater was last seen.

However, the police have stated that the case 'remains open', and they are receptive to any new information that could lead to Jay's whereabouts. Rachel, whose son Brad is a close friend of Jay and was with him at the NRG festival in Tenerife before he went missing, has joined other friends and family members in Tenerife to assist Jay's parents, Debbie and Warren, and his brother, Zak.

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The group has played a crucial role in the ongoing investigation into Jay's disappearance, as acknowledged by the Spanish police, reports the Manchester Evening News. The Civil Guard has announced the conclusion of the intensive search for the missing 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer, which began on June 17 when he was reported missing.

Despite utilising sniffer dogs, a helicopter, and mountain rescue teams, the active phase of the search has ended. This update comes shortly after an extensive 'last push' effort involving police, firefighters, Civil Protection personnel, and volunteers yielded no results in locating the teenager from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

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29.06.2024. JAY SLATER missing Brit in Tenerife. A big search is organised with Police and volunteer search and rescue specialists,. ©Stan Kujawa -Credit:Stan Kujawa

A spokeswoman for the Civil Guard confirmed: "The search operation has now finished although the case remains open."

On-the-ground sources in Tenerife informed the Manchester Evening News that the visible search efforts in Buenavista del Norte, close to Masca, have been halted. This included the deployment of helicopters, dogs, and emergency service workers.

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However, the investigation continues behind the scenes, with details of police activities remaining confidential. While Jay's disappearance is not definitively linked to criminal activity, the Civil Guard has not ruled out any possibilities since the search commenced.