Jay Slater police say 'there is nothing' and 'there are no developments'

Jay Slater police in Tenerife have warned "there is nothing" and "there are no developments. Civil Guard police remain at the scene of the search base, north of Masca this afternoon as the search for the missing 19-year-old is in its eighth day.

Speaking to the MEN, our sister title, local cops warned: “There is nothing. No developments.” Family friend Rachel Hargreaves said that those close to Mr Slater intend to stay in Tenerife for the time being. She said: “We’ve got to live in hope, haven’t we?

"You can’t give up on anything, can you really? We’re here and we’re staying until we’ve got an outcome.” Addressing the support the family had received from wellwishers, she said: “We’re happy for anyone who wants to help, or anyone with information or anything like that.

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"Like I say, we’re still living in hope that we’re going to get a positive outcome. We just feel like we’ll leave it to the professionals now, and that’s the best thing to do.” The NRG festival issued a statement in which it said it was able to “give some practical support” to Mr Slater’s family.

A GoFundMe page for Mr Slater’s family has raised more than £29,000 which will go towards family and friends staying in Tenerife while the hunt continues. Jay had gone to stay with two people he had met at the NRG music festival and, having missed the last bus back, embarked on what would have been an 11 hour walk.

The apprentice bricklayer has not been seen or heard from since calling his friend at 8.15am to tell her he was lost, in need of water and that his phone was low on battery. Authorities and friends of the family are scouring the island’s Rural de Teno park, an area popular with hikers and thought to be his last known location.