Jay Slater police pursuing 'three' bombshell leads amid hope he's 'alive'

Jay Slater police in Tenerife are pursuing "at least three" bombshell leads amid hopes he is ALIVE in a "different part" of the Canary Island holiday hotspot. Spanish police are now set to pursue at least three bombshell leads after a source in Tenerife told The Sun the case is "very much open" with "all scenarios being kept in mind".

The Sun revealed investigators haven't deemed the teen as "missing feared dead" yet. A source told The Sun: “Even though the ground search for Jay is over, the investigation into where he might be still remains very much open.

"One line of inquiry is a theory that Jay might even be in a different part of Tenerife and still alive. All scenarios are being kept in mind. The case is very much open because there are still a number of unanswered questions which officers must find answers to.

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"They are convinced someone, somewhere knows what happened to Jay or knows where is now is, and that’s what they are working towards trying to establish as quickly as they can.” The Sun revealed British police still cannot get involved despite Warren's emotional pleas.

Dad Warren who is out in the Canaries with Jay's mum Debbie Duncan warned this week it would take "an army 10 years" to search the vast mountainous area where Jay was last located. Speaking to The Sun he said: "As a family, we need to ask the British authorities to help. He's a British citizen. Get Interpol involved.

“At the moment, it’s just us. I haven’t got a team. We need a team to come over here and find out for us what the police are doing and what we need to do. Our hands are tied over here - we need experts. It’ll take an army 10 years to cover all this."