Jay Slater search joined by TV investigator involved in Coventry's Nicolas Payne case

The TV investigator has joined the search for missing Jay Slater, pictured with his mum Debbie Duncan
-Credit: (Image: Facebook)

A TV investigator involved in Coventry's Nicolas Payne case has joined the hunt for missing teenager Jay Slater. Mark Williams-Thomas is in Tenerife as the desperate search for the teenager continues.

He has said he is confident he would be able to quickly decipher 'whether a third party was involved’, reports BirminghamLive. He revealed he reached out to Jay's mum Debbie Duncan to offer his services.

In doing so, he vowed to 'get her answers as to what happened' to the 19-year-old, who has not been seen since Monday, June 17. He previously told the Manchester Evening News he would need just a matter of days to 'find out whether a third party was involved’.

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"I would quickly be able to do establish whether or not there are suspicious circumstances - but I'd need total access to everything and to speak to all the witnesses involved," he said. "Having feet on the ground and looking at the scenario and circumstances, I know I will get to the bottom of this in three days.

"If the family work with me, I will get them answers. It is crucial for the family. It is difficult for them, dealing with foreign police who handle it differently. But I'd need their full cooperation, I'd need to speak to every witness involved; those that he's been with since he's been on the island. Some people will be more persons of interest than others.”

It is not the only case he has been involved in. He also formed part of the search for Nicola Bulley Locally, the former detective has been involved in searches for the missing Coventry mum Nicola Payne, including back in 2020 along a mile-long stretch of the Oxford Canal just outside of Rugby.

Last year, he launched a new two-part podcast, entitled ‘The Unsolved Murder of Nicola Payne’, in which he said brought forward new and credible information about the case, including an 'alleged confession by a key suspect.'

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