Jay Slater search teams 'still have hope' he will be found alive

Police in Tenerife
-Credit: (Image: M.E.N.)

Specialist teams searching for missing teenager Jay Slater in the "dangerous" Tenerife mountains have expressed that they "still have hope" of finding him alive. Civil Defence teams at the search base disclosed that they have "found nothing" so far, and provided an update on the areas being searched.

Jay, 19, from Lancashire, has been missing since Monday morning (June 17). He had been staying in an Airbnb rental with two men he met while partying at the NRG festival on Sunday night.

It is understood that Jay left the holiday cottage alone on foot on Monday morning, after calling his friend Lucy to inform her that his phone battery was at just 1 per cent. The last data from his mobile phone was traced to a remote mountainous area approximately half a mile north of the small village of Masca.

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As the fifth day of the search continued, involving Civil Guard officers, mountain rescue teams, police drones and helicopters, Civil Defence officers at the search base informed the Manchester Evening News that the vast search area, divided into three different ravines, spans around 30km.

A member of the team revealed that searches are currently being conducted in three different areas - the Masca Gorge, La Vica, and Las Portelas, as well as the surrounding Masca area.

Aside from the challenging main road through Masca, there are few footpaths and miles of difficult terrain. A specialist search team member confirmed that drones and police dogs were not used on Friday, adding to the complexity of the search.

A Civil Defence search team member said: "We still have hope that he's alive, up until the last moment when the last hope is lost. The truth is that we feel a bit frustrated because we can't find him. It's so big [here] that it's very difficult to search in such a steep area. But we're doing everything we can."

They added: "We haven't found anything, we have combed this entire trail, we've been up and down but, until now, nothing. This morning we have concentrated on searching from down below, up Masca, along the path until it almost reaches the ravine, at the high part, without finding anything.

"Now the second part has been this path that goes up and almost reaches Las Portelas, the high part of Las Portelas trail and nothing was found either. We've been to the ravine to see where he supposedly took his last selfie and downward from there.

"We're waiting this afternoon for the drone units to come one more time to do a flight over the area, and the search dogs again too. Very difficult... it's a very difficult area to search. Just because it's so steep.

"Yesterday there were 25 volunteers, five dogs between them, and four drones from volunteers too, besides the professional ones. We are concentrating our search in 3 ravines, over an area of at least 30 square kilometres."