Jay Slater's best friend shares new information on mystery men he was with before vanishing

Jay Slater's best friend has given an update on the mystery men he was staying with before he disappeared in Tenerife - revealing they had met days before. It comes as the search for the 19-year-old, who vanished on the island of Tenerife after staying with two unknown British men at their Airbnb, was called off.

It had previously been thought the apprentice bricklayer, from Lancashire, had only met the two men on the day before he disappeared at a music festival before going to stay with them on the other side of the island. But his friend Brad Hargreaves said he had met the pair up to three days prior to his disappearance on June 17.

The two men were the last known individuals to have contact with the missing 19 year old, but police have stated they are "not relevant" to the investigation. Brad revealed on ITV's This Morning that the duo have since left Tenerife and returned to the UK.

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In a follow-up TikTok report, Isla discussed the two mystery men, recounting what Brad had shared with her. The TV crime reporter stated: "The two men that he went to go and stay with, they had met them three days before. They hung out with them, they made friends on holiday.

"It wasn't two random people he'd met that night. They'd established a friendship and Brad said they seemed like really cool guys."

Jay had travelled to the island with Brad and his other friend Lucy Law to attend the New Rave Generation music festival.