Jay Slater's dad breaks silence on theory he's 'ALIVE in different part of Tenerife'

Jay Slater's desperate dad Warren has broken his silence amid a new theory the missing 19-year-old is ALIVE. Warren has flown to the Canary Islands to help search for the missing apprentice bricklayer, who vanished in mid-June after a rave with friends.

Warren said: “We are still out looking. What more can we possibly do? I’ve said before, I need an army to help me. People don’t understand the vastness of it.” He said: “I’d love to be able to fly a drone and sit here all day scouring the whole area.

"Why would you go down there? Why leave the road?” He added: “When we came on Monday we must have passed 200 cars going up those hills.” Discussing a fresh theory Jay may still be alive and in a different part of the Canary Islands, Warren had his say.

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“It’s all speculation, I hope that’s true,” he said. He added: “Stop, and put your boots on if you want to come out and help. Then write it up.” On the Spanish police calling off the search, he went on: “It’s the way they work and we have to respect that, it’s their system.”

Volunteers have described how scouring the terrain is "really difficult" and because of the treacherousness of the environment will “take weeks or months to cover." Jay was in Tenerife with pals Lucy Law and Brad Hargreaves, where they attended a music festival.

Experts have also criticised the thoroughness of the efforts Tenerife resident and former British Army reservist Christopher Pennington said he didn’t believe areas had been “searched properly” after discovering a pair of sunglasses close to the spot where Jay lost signal.

It has dragged on so long that friends of the 19-year-old who joined the search have been forced to return home broken-hearted.