Jay Slater's friend Lucy Law shares unseen pics of missing teenager as she returns from Tenerife

Lucy Law helped assist in the search for Jay Slater
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

Unseen photos of the missing teenager Jay Slater have been shared by one his best friend's after her return to UK soil.

Lucy Law, 18, was the last person to speak to the 19-year-old before he went missing in mid-June, and reported the teen missing after he failed to return to their accommodation. Lucy, along with their mutual friend Brad Hargreaves, had jetted off to Tenerife last month eager for the New Rave Generation (NRG) festival.

The apprentice bricklayer vanished on June 17 and comprehensive search efforts launched over the following two weeks by Spain's Guardia Civil failed to turn up any sign of the apprentice bricklayer. After returning to the UK from Tenerife, Lucy has now posted five previously unseen snaps on Instagram showing Jay smiling with his close friends before he disappeared, the Mirror reports.

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Jay, from Oswaldtwistle, can be smiling ear-to-ear and hanging out at events. He is also seen posing with both Lucy and other friends, mostly in bars and pubs.

One of the photos shows Jay standing with a group bathed in blue light as they enjoy what appears to be a rave. A couple show just Jay and Lucy, both standing and sitting next to one another, with the word "cute" stamped across their faces as they pose for the camera.

Jay, Lucy and Brad had attended a rave at Papagayo nightclub at which he was pictured the day before he went missing. She returned to their shared holiday accommodation with Brad while Jay joined two other men and travelled to a property to the island's north, near the village of Masca.

When he didn't return, she reported him missing and became involved in the search effort as his family arrived on the Spanish island. Lucy shared the collection of photos on Instagram over the weekend, with each snap labelled with a blue love heart emoji, used online to signify friendship.

When posting another picture earlier this month, she broke her silence on the missing persons case, and described the situation as "weird".

She said: "There's something weird going on. It is suspicious. In two days you're telling me someone's not seen him. There's a restaurant 10 minutes away that he would have seen or walked past. It's suspicious and it's weird."

She added: "Fair enough it didn't open for another two hours but if that were me I would have sat and waited at the restaurant till it opened.

As soon as it opened I would have said, 'Please can you put my phone on charge' and then I would have rung someone, I would have rung a taxi."

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