Jealous ex-husband found guilty of murdering former wife by setting her alight

Georgian Constantin murdered his ex-wife Valentina Cozma at her home in Stoke-on-Trent.

 Georgian Constantin murdered his ex-wife Valentina Cozma. (SWNS)
Georgian Constantin murdered his ex-wife Valentina Cozma. (SWNS)

A jealous ex-husband is facing life in jail after being found guilty of murdering his former wife by setting her on fire.

The body of Valentina Cozma, 40, was discovered by fire crews at her home in Stoke-on-Trent, on 9 February.

Police launched a search for her ex-husband Georgian Constantin, 42, after he admitted attacking her in a Facebook post he later deleted.

He was arrested 150 miles away at an address in London five days later and charged with Valentina's murder.

On Thursday, Constantin was found guilty of the charge following a trial at Stafford Crown Court.

He was also convicted of making threats to kill Ms Cozma's new boyfriend after he used her phone to tell him he'd "sorted her out and was coming for him."

Constantin, of Stoke-on-Trent, will be sentenced on 31 October.

The court was told Constantin had arranged to meet Ms Cozma at her house under the pretence of repaying £500.

She had lent him the money in order to allow him to move out of the family home a month earlier.

But at around 3pm, neighbours and passers-by reported hearing screams from the house and called emergency services.

Victim Valentina Cozma. (SWNS)
Victim Valentina Cozma. (SWNS)

The kitchen was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived and when the blaze was finally brought under control,

Ms Cozma's body was discovered below the back window in the middle room.

She was pronounced dead at the scene and a post mortem later established she had died due to the effects of fire.

Detectives found a plastic bottle in the back yard containing petrol and the bottle cap was found to contain DNA that matched Constantin.

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CCTV captured him purchasing a green plastic jerry can, filling it up with petrol and paying for it at Sainsbury’s petrol station - even though he didn't have a car.

Constantin went into two shops in Hanley to try to sell his laptop saying he "needed money" on the day of the murder.

The shops declined to buy it and this same laptop was found at the scene near to Valentina’s body.

Further CCTV footage showed Constantin outside Ms Cozma's house again at 2.32pm, just minutes before the fire.

'A son has been left without a mother'

Detective Inspector Adrian Webb, of Staffordshire Police, said after the case: “Valentina worked tirelessly to attempt to make a better life for her son.

"I can’t imagine how her murder, when he was just 16, has impacted on him.

“Georgian Constantin’s cruel, self-pitying and cowardly act has left a son without a mother and a father jailed for murder.

"Valentina sought a happier life and Constantin made sure that was never going to happen.

“Constantin murdered his ex-wife by setting her on fire. He made no attempt to assist her or seek help.

"Instead, he threatened to kill Valentina’s new partner before running off to London.

"He thought he could use false details, dispose of phones and hide on the streets of London after murdering his ex-wife.

"He underestimated our determination to seek justice for Valentina.

He added: “Valentina never had a voice in this trial but her family and friends described a her as a loving, hard-working mother who was ‘looking forward to the future’.

“They said she tried her best to help and support her ex-husband who gambled away the family’s money.”

Georgian Constantin will be sentenced on 31 October. (SWNS)
A manhunt was launched to find Georgian Constantin. (SWNS)

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