Jedward respond after Louis Walsh calls them ‘vile’ on Celebrity Big Brother

Pop duo Jedward have responded after Louis Walsh called them “vile” during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

The former X Factor judge, 71, was in the Big Brother house on Tuesday night (12 March) when a housemate asked him what it was like working with the twin brothers.

“They were vile,” he replied. “But they were great. I got five million quid for them, I swear on my mother’s life.”

He continued: “But they were vile. But they were novelty, it was great for the show, and it was all about the show.”

Identical twins John and Edward Grimes were aged 17 when they first shot to fame on The X Factor in 2009 as Jedward. While on the show, the Irish duo were mentored by Walsh. The pair have since released four studio albums and embarked on a TV and presenting career, hosting shows such as Jedward’s Big Adventure, with both twins appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011.

Just minutes after ITV aired the scenes where Louis called Jedward “vile”, they posted a series of tweets in which they criticised their former manager.

“Louis Walsh is a cold hearted b****** who didn’t even send us flowers when our mom died,” read one post.

They added: “What an absolute weirdo with bad intentions for all ..does he like anyone?”

Jedward pictured in 2017 (Getty Images)
Jedward pictured in 2017 (Getty Images)

“Louis reopened these wounds all by himself being spiteful and disrespectful we aren’t going to have our character taken. Justice will be served.”

The Independent has contacted Walsh’s representatives for comments.

Minutes later, their friend and former The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins, posted a series of videos on her Instagram account in which she and Jedward told the camera what they thought of Louis.

Collins explained that she had invited the twins to her house for a roast dinner when they heard Walsh’s comments on the TV.

Louis Walsh on the 2024 edition of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (Celebrity Big Brother, ITV)
Louis Walsh on the 2024 edition of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (Celebrity Big Brother, ITV)

She told the camera: “Louis, don’t be slagging off my boys. They’re not vile, they’re beautiful in every single way.”

Collins then turned the camera to the twins, who remarked: “I can’t believe we’re even watching you on the show, you’re like a cat with nine lives. How many times can you slag off your acts? It’s a disgrace.”

Jedward at their ‘X Factor’ audition in 2009 (ITV)
Jedward at their ‘X Factor’ audition in 2009 (ITV)

The former TOWIE star said she had nothing against Walsh but was “upset” by the comments he made about her friends.

“They are the sweetest talented polite educated kind boys I’ve ever met hence why they are always in my company! TEAM JEDWARD!,” Collins later wrote on Instagram.

In another video shared on the social media site, she posted a video from her hot tub, in which Jedward reflected on their evening, saying: “In life, you’ve got to stand up for yourself when someone tries to throw you under the bus”.