Jeffrey Epstein: Netflix documentary Filthy Rich brings to light new allegations

Isobel Lewis
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at a New York function in 2005: Getty

A new Netflix documentary series has brought to light new allegations against the late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich tells the story of the underage girls who were abused by Epstein and his friends and the power structures that kept Epstein, who died in prison last August, out of jail for so long.

Here are some of the biggest allegations made in the Netflix series, which is available to stream now.

Bill Clinton’s link to Epstein

Former US President Bill Clinton has been linked to Epstein before, with survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre claiming that she saw the politician on the now infamous “paedophile island”.

Clinton has always denied these allegations, but a second voice corroborated Giuffre’s story in Filthy Rich, after a long-time tech worker on the Caribbean resort claimed that he saw Clinton alone with Epstein in his villa home.

A spokesperson said this week that any stories connecting the former president with Epstein’s island are categorically untrue.

Girls were offered $200 per underage victim they recruited

Of all the survivors to speak to Netflix for the documentary, one of the most shocking stories to emerge came from Epstein’s “school girl recruiters”.

Hayley Robson, who started working for the late paedophile when she was 16, explained how she was paid $200 (£163) for each girl she could bring to Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to Robson, each girl was asked to recruit at least two more girls and she personally brought in around 24 victims, in what the series describes as a “twisted sexual pyramid scheme”.

Epstein blackmailed friends with secret surveillance cameras

Chantae Davies, a survivor, told the documentary that one of the reasons Epstein walked free for so long was that he had “a lot of information on people, and a lot of blackmail videos".

In another clip, Giuffre explains how cameras were hidden in the walls and was once shown by Epstein a CCTV control room looking over all the girls’ bedrooms, showers and toilets and the massage room.

She describes as “a blackmail scheme” that could not just be used against the girls, but the financier’s powerful friends too.

“When Epstein told me ‘people owe me favours and I'll never get caught and I can get away with it,’ he meant it,” Giuffre said, while another survivor, Sarah Ransome, said that Epstein could have taken “"a lot of people down", had he not died in prison.

Prince Andrew joked to Virginia Roberts that his daughters were “a little younger” than her

Prince Andrew’s friendship with Epstein has been at the centre of the story over the last year, with the British royal appearing on Newsnight last year to deny any claims made against him.

Giuffre has claimed that she slept with the Duke of York when she was just 17 and in the Netflix series gave more detail about the experience and how she was introduced by Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

Giuffre explained in Filthy Rich: “Ghislaine has this favourite guessing game that she does. She goes to Prince Andrew: ‘How old do you think Virginia is?’ He said 17. She’s like: ‘Oh, you’re right.’ They made a little joke about it.

“He’s like: ‘Oh my daughters aren’t far from your age. My daughter’s a little bit younger than you.’”