Jennifer Aniston Gets Emotional Reflecting On 30-Year Anniversary Of 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston began to cry during the latest episode of Variety’s “Actors on Actors” YouTube series Thursday, when actor Quinta Brunson asked her about the 30-year anniversary of “Friends.”

“Oh, god, don’t make me cry,” she said after someone off-camera told Brunson to ask Aniston about the sitcom’s anniversary.

Brunson comforted Aniston, telling her they don’t have to discuss it, while Aniston wiped away her tears with a tissue.

“It’s happy tears,” Aniston said.

Brunson went on to say she was 5 years old when “Friends” premiered in 1994 and said “it continues to be one of the best shows on television.”

Aniston said it’s “strange” to think that the sitcom is 30 years old because she remembers the day it premiered, before sharing a story about her and co-star Matthew Perry meeting up with Lisa Kudrow at the hair salon the day the show premiered on TV.

“The fact that it’s had this long, wonderful life and it still means a lot to people is one of the greatest gifts I think all of six of us never could have imagined,” Aniston said.

She went on to say she and her five co-stars are a “family forever” and that she even FaceTimed with co-star Courteney Cox the night before.

The group of friends were rocked last year when Perry, who played Chandler Bing on the show, died at the age of 54. Perry struggled with substance abuse while filming the show and later said during a reunion that his substance abuse was so bad, he didn’t remember filming seasons 3 through 6.

Aniston didn’t talk about Perry during “Actors on Actors,” but she told Variety in December that Perry was “really healthy and getting healthy” before his death.

“He was on a pursuit,” she said. “He worked so hard. He really was dealt a tough one. I miss him dearly. We all do. Boy, he made us laugh really hard.”

Cox opened up about Perry in March, telling CBS’s “Sunday Morning” that Perry “visits me a lot, if we believe in that.”

“I talk to my mum, my dad, Matthew – I feel like there are a lotta people that are, I think, that guide us,” she explained. “I do sense, yeah, I sense Matthew’s around for sure.”