Jennifer Coolidge leaves her SAG Awards date Tim Bagley red-faced after White Lotus acceptance speech

Jennifer Coolidge gave her date a sweet shoutout as she appeared on stage at this year’s SAG Awards.

On Sunday night, Coolidge walked the red carpet at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles with her friend, actor Tim Bagley. For the occasion, the pair wore matching all black outfits, as the Legally Blonde star posed in a long-sleeved dress and her date wore a suit.

During the awards ceremony, Coolidge also received the award for Female Actor in a Drama Series for her role in The White Lotus. Towards the end of her speech, she took a moment to praise her date for the night.

“My wonderful date, Tim Bagley, is my date for the night. He’s my best bud for like 20 years,” she said. “Thank you, you’re a wonderful date tonight. I can’t wait until we get home.”

Her joke prompted laughter from the audience, including Bagley, who is gay. During and following the speech, his face also appeared to turn red, as he continued smiling at his friend.

Coolidge has previously opened up about her love life.

During an interview with Page Six in January, she confessed that she doesn’t really hold herself in high esteem, like some of her fans do, and pointed out that she is yet to find her perfect match.

“I mean, my dating life, I’ve never found anyone quite right for myself. I haven’t found the love of my life,” she said. “I think I made some bad decisions. It makes you insecure and you don’t think you’re great.”

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Elsewhere in her acceptance speech on Sunday, she acknowledged her gratitude for Mike White, who created her HBO show, and her parents. She also shared a funny story about her father sneaking her out of school to go to a film festival when she was in the first grade.

“I went to the office, and she said, ‘Your father’s here.’ And my father was standing there, and he goes, ‘Yeah Jenny, we have to go,’ and the principal said, ‘Get well, Jenny,’ and I didn’t know what that meant,” she explained.

“And I got in the car with my dad, and he was driving, and he said, ‘I’m never gonna tell a lie again, but we’re going somewhere really cool.’ And he drove me to this place, and it was this flooky thing in Massachusetts. It was the Charlie Chaplin film festival.”

Coolidge explained how meaningful this memory was, adding: “Seeing Charlie Chaplin for the first time and having that experience, my love of film, my love of actors , all of that came from my first grade.”