Jenny And Lee's Retelling Of A Raucous Night Out On Gogglebox Could Not Be More Jenny And Lee

Gogglebox made a welcome return to our screens on Friday night, bringing with it more capers and banter from its stars.

Jenny and Lee were among those back to give their verdict on the week’s telly, but provided a TV moment of their own as they recounted a wild night out while watching an episode of Netflix drama You.

The BFFs recalled once visiting Liverpool with a mutual friend called Jane, which ended in typically chaotic fashion.

“We went in that bedroom with seven beds,” Jenny said.

“In the morning, you couldn’t find your knickers!” Lee said.

“I couldn’t find my frock! My knickers, my frock — I couldn’t find anything!” Jenny added, prompting a roar of laughter from her pal.

“Really good night you had!” he quipped.

“I know, I was sat there really quiet thinking: ‘Oh god, what happened? Oh god… oh no, I hadn’t done nowt bad,’” she added.

In a clip promoting Gogglebox’s return on the pair’s joint Instagram account earlier this week, Jenny described how the pair were “still the same and still sat on the same, sodding lumpy cushion”.

Lee laughed and said “still as daft as ever” – and we’re pleased to report that definitely seems to be the case.

Never change please, you two.

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.