Jeremy Clarkson 'almost killed' by caravan in 'Grand Tour' accident

Watch: Jeremy Clarkson had a near-death experience with a caravan filming The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted her feared the worst when he lost control of a caravan while filming the latest series of The Grand Tour.

The 61-year-old car-lover and caravan-hater joined co-stars James May and Richard Hammond on a caravan trip around Scotland for their new Amazon Prime Video show The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown.

May, 58, told The Sun he thought Clarkson may have been killed when his car's tow bar broke whilst he was turning a tight corner as they travelled the Scottish Highlands.

Jeremy Clarkson lost control of his caravan on the winding roads of Scotland filming 'The Grand Tour'. (Amazon Prime)
Jeremy Clarkson lost control of his caravan on the winding roads of Scotland filming The Grand Tour. (Amazon Prime Video)

May said: "For half a second I thought the whole rig had gone off the edge. I thought, 'We are finally shot of Jeremy, with his beloved caravan.'"

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Clarkson added: "There was a point, when it started to overtake me, that I thought, 'God I’m having the biggest accident of my life'.

"Then I thought, 'No, wait, I’m still in control'. And then, 'The caravan’s come off', and the whole tow bar had detached.

"That really happened. I thought James’s lungs were going to come out, he was laughing so much."

The Grand Tour: Presents Lochdown (Amazon Prime Video)
Jeremy Clarkson feared for his life during filming for 'The Grand Tour: Presents Lochdown'. (Amazon Prime Video)

The former Top Gear presenter insisted that for once the caravan accident had not been planned a stunt.

He said: “On that occasion, that was a pure, genuine, 100% accident.”

The The Grand Tour has become a hit TV series for the former Top Gear stars by featuring impressive supercars, daring stunts and exotic locations.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and travel restrictions the latest series features the trio driving classic American cars around the winding streets of Edinburgh and the scenic coastline of the Highlands.

And as many hotels were closed they had to resort to staying in caravans for part of their journey.

The Grand Tour: Presents Lochdown (Amazon Prime Video)
The Grand Tour: Presents Lochdown producer Andy Wilman promises the show is anything but dull. (Amazon Prime Video)

Producer Andy Wilman told Yahoo: “This is smaller scale and once that happens, you dig deeper and the presenters inherently bring their own A-game.

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"They ramp it up more because you’ve got nothing more to work with.

"And they had not been together for so long, that the banter was on the level of 10 years ago, there’s more of an innocence and a 'gang' thing to it.

Watch: Jeremy Clarkson on filming the latest series of The Grand Tour