Jeremy Clarkson consoles tearful Kaleb Cooper as he breaks down over Clarkson's Farm loss

Jeremy Clarkson was seen comforting Kaleb Cooper as he struggled to hold back tears over a loss on Clarkson's Farm.

The upcoming scenes show Jeremy stepping in to console Kaleb after the rapeseed crop he had planted failed to grow, despite Jeremy's initial warnings against it.

The farmer and former Top Gear host encountered numerous challenges during filming, particularly with the weather.

Jeremy noted that there had been "no rain at all" and they had experienced a "cold May", the Express reports.

He added: "Then it went to the hottest June ever, since then it's been the wettest July and the coldest."

Clarkson's Farm
Jeremy has been dealt several heart breaking blows during the third season of Clarkson's Farm -Credit: Amazon Prime

He lamented that the weather had done the exact opposite of what they needed all year long as he said: "Given the weather had done the exact opposite of what we needed all year long.

"We were praying for an old-fashioned autumn with lots of warm sunshine, but no, the crucial harvesting month was also refusing to play ball."

"And now Kaleb had killed the crops off to ready them for the combine. The clock was ticking. The longer they sat in the field too wet to harvest the more they would deteriorate."

However, when Kaleb conducted a moisture test on the crops, the results were not as expected.

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He quipped: "I think I have broken a record for how many times I can moisture test a field."

When Jeremy arrived while Kaleb was testing the second field, the farm manager revealed the results were "shockingly bad".

The Grand Tour star concluded: "Once again, it was the weather that dealt the killer blow."

Jeremy Clarkson's pal Kaleb Cooper broke down in tears as both stood amidst their ruined crop on ITV.

Pointing to a barren part of the farm, an exasperated Kaleb asked: "That's the rape stalk. Where are the pods? "

Jeremy replied: "There are no pods at all," before the emotional moment soon unfolded between the two.

Clarkson's Farm
Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper shared a tearful moment over Clarkson's Farm loss -Credit:(Image: Amazon Prime)

The former Top Gear presenter admitted: "Honestly, I am p***ed off, I can see you're p***ed off," as Kaleb agreed: "I am fed up."

Jeremy then took a light-hearted jibe at his friend: "I would usually taunt you and say you were told not to plant rape."

Not amused by the joke, Kaleb snapped back: "I am not in the mood," admitting that he had reached his limit.

He said: "I have had enough. All that time, effort and money. I know it's not my money but I still don't want to do badly, you know? "

Kaleb wiped away a tear from his eye while Jeremy, acknowledging his discontent, said: "Oh, mate."

Clarkson's Farm returns to Amazon Prime Video on May 10.

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