Jeremy Clarkson unveils plans for Cotswolds pub as friends call him 'daft'

Jeremy Clarkson speaks to Charlie Ireland
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Jeremy Clarkson has divulged his ambitious plans after buying a historic Cotswolds pub. The 64 year old Clarkson's Farm star paid less than £1 million for The Windmill, a charming and highly-regarded pub near Burford, Oxfordshire.

Now, he has revealed he intends to band nosiy TVs, fruit machines and 'confusing' toilet signs. He wants punters to partake instead in traditional bar games - and of course eat locally-sourced ingredients.

The Windmill, which amassed excellent reviews and offered reasonable prices over the years, previously marketed itself as a 'magical Oxfordshire wedding and event venue in the heart of the Cotswolds'. But come June 4, it announced new ownership.

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In a column penned for The Sunday Times, Jeremy noted there was a wedding reception scheduled 'in a couple of weeks' time'. However, Clarkson's pals are sceptical about his ability to handle the task, cautioning the Grand Tour presenter that all 'evidence [suggests] it will be a total disaster'.

He quoted one friend as saying: "Owning a pub these days is even more daft than owning a farm. What's next? You buying a cinema?" The seasoned journalist has seen his fortunes rise in recent months as a part-owner of the Cotswold brewery that produces his Hawkstone lager, a venture he added to his growing portfolio in 2021 using barley from his nearby Diddly Squat farm.

His next movewas to find a venue where he could sell 'all that we make' on the farm - including his own lager. "I just needed the pub where all this could happen," Clarkson wrote in The Sunday Times. "And then, after I'd looked at about 14,000, I found just the place."

He revealed that upon purchasing The Windmill, he discovered it was near 'a famous dogging site'. He said: "I went to see West Oxfordshire district council, expecting no help at all, and blow me down, it was very happy to close the dogging site. So I was in business."

The former Top Gear host envisions a 'fun', homely pub complete with bar billiards, darts, a garden, and a place where he can enjoy a Sunday meal of gammon, egg and chips with his granddaughter.

"Well-priced, British-grown food with a pint of Hawkstone beer," he suggested, giving another subtle nod to his own brew.