Jeremy Hunt’s brother Charlie dies of cancer age 53

Jeremy Hunt (left) with his brother Charlie Hunt (JustGiving)
Jeremy Hunt (left) with his brother Charlie Hunt (JustGiving)

Jeremy Hunt’s younger brother has passed away from cancer, several weeks after the Chancellor spoke about the family’s tough battle with the disease.

Charlie Hunt, 53, died peacefully on August 2, his family said in a statement reported by the Telegraph newspaper on Friday.

The father-of-three was diagnosed with sarcoma in 2020. A funeral service will be held for the successful businessman in Surrey.

In an interview with the Daily Mail last month, the Chancellor spoke of his family’s experience with cancer, which also claimed the lives of Mr Hunt’s parents.

He said: “My brother is doing OK but, like many families who have cancer, it is a life-changing thing.”

He revealed that he himself had previously been diagnosed with skin cancer which was caught early and was not life-threatening.

“I had superb treatment from the NHS to remove it, but I am very aware of members of my own family who have had much tougher battles against cancer, and I know that’s what families are going through up and down the country,” he said.

In a JustGiving page, the Chancellor’s younger brother described his “huge battle” against the disease when the pair ran the London Marathon for charity last year.

They raised almost £50,000 for Sarcoma UK and The Royal Surrey Cancer & Surgical Innovation Centre.

He said that he had undergone surgery on his right leg, not knowing whether he would ever walk or run again.

“Since then the battle has continued with surgery on both of my lungs,” he said.

“I have been in and out of hospital pretty constantly but have received excellent treatment from the NHS and am still fighting on nearly three years later.”

Mr Hunt’s younger brother was the founder and chief of executive of Soak and Sleep, an online bed and bath products retailer..