Jeremy Renner's Mayor of Kingstown loses major cast member for season 3

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Mayor of Kingstown loses major cast memberParamount

Mayor of Kingstown spoilers follow.

Mayor of Kingstown is losing a familiar face in season 3.

The Paramount+ drama, created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon, follows the powerful McLusky family, a group of power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where incarceration is the order of business.

Jeremy Renner stars as 'Mayor' Mike McLusky alongside Dillon as his partner Ian Ferguson, Taylor Handley as the youngest McLusky brother Kyle, and Dianne Wiest as the family's matriarch Mariam.

However, it appears Wiest won't be returning to the show for its upcoming third season, Deadline reports. The publication added that her exit is "said to be story-driven".

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The season 2 finale saw Mariam rushed to hospital after accidentally being shot by Kyle, which could be how we see the exit of her character when the show returns.

It's also unclear whether Milo, played by Aiden Gillen, will return as the finale saw his boat blow up, seemingly leading to his death.

Renner is set to return to his role following his devastating accident involving a snow plough earlier in the year, which saw him undergo an intensive recovery.

kyle chandler, jeremy renner, mayor of kingstown

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The release date for season 3 is still unknown, as are the plot details, though the fallout of the attack on Kingstown and its effects on the McLusky clan are sure to be a focal point.

Whatever happens, fans can be sure it will be explosive as the creators have been planning the future of the show for a long time,

"Taylor and I, like I said, it took 10 years to build [the show]," Dillon revealed while speaking to ComicBook earlier this year.

"So we were two guys who were like, 'Then what happens?' And so, as he's helping me audition and he's doing his thing, we are constantly building this. So by the time it hit, we had 10 years to construct it. So yeah, we've got a big future planned for Mayor."

Mayor of Kingstown streams on Paramount+ in the US and the UK.

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