Jeremy Vine rushed to hospital after falling off penny-farthing bicycle

Watch: Jeremy Vine shows off his black eye after bike crash

Jeremy Vine was rushed to hospital after falling from his Victorian bicycle and being left unconscious.

The presenter was left sporting a black eye when he landed on his head after being flipped from his penny-farthing.

Despite wearing a helmet, the TV presenter was unconscious for two minutes and incoherent for around an hour after the incident.

Recalling the accident on his Channel 5 show Jeremy Vine On 5 on Wednesday, Vine — who was on video link from his garden and had the camera zoom into his black eye — said: "When you're on it, you're eight foot up.

"I was on grass, with no-one around, and I think this is what happened: didn't see the divot, front wheel went into it, over the handlebars, landed on my head and a crowd gathered.

 Jeremy Vine leaves BBC Wogan House on his bicycle, is a keen cyclist. Photo by Getty Images
Jeremy Vine leaves BBC Wogan House on his bicycle. (Getty Images)

The 56-year-old added: "When I went to A&E, they said you're fine but you're lucky."

The broadcaster, who insisted 'all's well' said he was fortunate to only be left with the 'impressive black eye' and a few aches and pains. He says he had a brain and spine scan as well as his heart checked in hospital.

He added that the hospital staff told him they had never before written 'riding a penny-farthing' as cause of an injury.

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The host is one of only two people who own penny-farthings in London, according to his debate show, which added a segment on Wednesday's episode for callers to discuss whether he should now give up cycling altogether. Viewers were left divided.

Jeremy Vine (not pictured) is said to be one of two people who own a Penny Farthing bicycle in London. Photo Getty Images
Jeremy Vine (not pictured) is said to be one of two people who own a penny-farthing bicycle in London. (Getty Images)

Vine was filmed with the bike in late 2021 when he joined cycling campaigners on Chiswick High Road's controversial C9 cycle lane, which is unwanted by many residents.

Last year he caused such uproar on social media when he posted a video of a group of cyclists riding four abreast, that Surrey Police became involved.

Jeremy Vine with rainbow pictures sent in by viewers of his Channel 5 show, on display in the windows of the ITN building, in central London, in tribute to the key workers battling the coronavirus outbreak.
Jeremy Vine with rainbow pictures sent in by viewers of his Channel 5 show. (PA)

The broadcaster was a passenger in a car when he filmed the cyclists taking up some of the road.

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Vine was heard in the clip saying: "Sunday morning in the country. Absolutely no problem with this at all. This is exactly how cyclists should ride. They’re calming the traffic behind them."

Alongside the video on Twitter, he wrote: "People who cycle in the country should be encouraged to ride 2, 3 and 4 abreast like this.

"For the following reasons: 1. It calms the traffic behind them 2. It makes it less easy for bad drivers to attempt dangerous passes 3. It is more pleasant and sociable for them."