Jerry Seinfeld blasts PC brigade

Jerry Seinfeld has blasted the politically correct brigade for ruining TV comedy.

The legendary comedian and Seinfeld creator has shared his thoughts in an interview on the New Yorker's Radio Hour.

"It used to be that you'd go home at the end of the day, most people would go, 'Oh, Cheers is on. Oh, M.A.S.H. is on. Oh, Mary Tyler Moore is on, All in the Family is on.' You just expected some funny stuff we can watch on TV tonight.

"Well, guess what? Where is it? Where is it? This is the result of the extreme left and PC c**p and people worrying so much about offending other people."

Seinfeld opined that while political correctness affects scriptwriting by putting it under the microscope, it won't affect live stand-up comedy.

"They're going to see stand-up comics because they are not policed by anyone. The audience polices us. We know when we're off track. We know instantly. And we adjust to it instantly," he shared.

"But when you write a script, and it goes into four or five different hands, committees, groups - 'Here's our thought about this joke' - well, that's the end of your comedy."

Seinfeld, which the comedian, actor and writer co-created with Larry David, aired on NBC from July 1989 to May 1998, with a total of nine seasons consisting of 180 episodes.