Jerry Seinfeld envies 'surf bums'

Jerry Seinfeld wishes he could've been a "surf bum".

The award-winning comedian has enjoyed a huge successful career in the TV industry, but Jerry has revealed that he would've loved to have lived a surfer's lifestyle, too.

The actor - who turned 70 on Monday (29.04.24) - told PEOPLE: "The thing I would like to do more than anything is get up on a surfboard and ride a wave. That would be the dream of my life."

The veteran comedy star has achieved fame and success through his career in the TV business. But Jerry has now suggested that he would've been equally as happy as a surfer - even though he wouldn't have earned as much money.

He shared: "I think if I could have spent my entire life just living broke and being a surf bum and every day paddle out and spend a few hours a day surfing, that’s as good a life as any life you could have."

Jerry also revealed that he follows "every surfer on Instagram".

He added: "Every day I stare at them like a cat looking at a bird through the window."

Meanwhile, Jerry recently insisted that he isn't worried about being politically correct with his comedy.

The 'Seinfeld' actor revealed that he doesn't fear offending people when he takes to the stage.

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column, Jerry explained: "Political correctness is something of a worry for people that can’t think. The stupid mistakes I see people making sometimes - offensive, unnecessary insensitivities.

"It's like ... pick up a paper, find out what is going on and then just navigate around it!"