Jess Phillips on married life, her love of quiz shows and being phoned by the Prime Minister whilst getting her nails done

Labour MP and bestselling author Jess Phillips chats to Kate about her life in politics so far, her relationship with her very plain-speaking husband, and her secret love of quiz shows.

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Video transcript


JESS PHILLIPS: When Number 10 Downing Street calls you, it says-- it says on your phone, even if you haven't saved it on your phone, Downing Street is calling you, 10 Downing Street-- like a call from the prime minister. It comes through a switchboard.


JESS PHILLIPS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


JESS PHILLIPS: It comes through a switchboard. And then they tell you that the prime minister wants to talk to you and then they put you through. And when she did call me, I was in a nail salon and she was on loudspeaker. And I just was like, please do not- don't say anymore. You're on loudspeaker. I haven't got any hands. My hands are literally under a UV light. And I was like, I'll call you back. I absolutely love "Tipping Point" and "The Chase." And I will watch it to [INAUDIBLE]

KATE THORNTON: Have you been on?

JESS PHILLIPS: No, I would love to go on. I would-- I don't-- I mean--


JESS PHILLIPS: If I went on "The Chase," what I would do is I'd hustle--

KATE THORNTON: I'm going to message Bradley Walsh straight after this and say, you've got to get Jess Phillips on.

JESS PHILLIPS: I would totally hustle them though. I would like not do well in the cash builder so that they thought that I wasn't very good at quizzing and then-- and then offer me a massive amount of money. And then I'd be like, boom, I'm really good at quizzing. I love a quiz. Absolutely love it. I was an answer on "University-- University Challenge." I didn't get it. My husband got it. He was like, it's you. I was like, oh yeah, it is me.

I say to him, do you miss me when I go away? And he's just like, well, you always come back. Like he's very, very just sort of like-- so he's got no photos of me on his phone or anything. And I just am like, why don't you have photos? He's says like, I know what you look like.

I mean, he makes me look like I don't-- I'm not straight speaking. He is the most plain speaking human being in the world. He will say, you know, when like someone invites me round for dinner that you don't want to go so you make up an excuse about childcare or something or a meeting or a hospital appointment, like he would just say, oh, we don't want to come.


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