Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst's relationship feels 'different' after marrying

Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst married last summer credit:Bang Showbiz
Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst married last summer credit:Bang Showbiz

Jesse Plemons' relationship with Kirsten Dunst feels "different" now they are married.

The 'Love and Death' actor married his 'Fargo' co-star last summer after six years of dating and though the 35-year-old actor - who has sons Ennis, four, and James, 23 months, with his wife - wasn't sure tying the knot would make any difference to their life together, he is surprised by how "nice" it was to set aside the time to "celebrate" their bond.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Well, it's funny. I wasn't sure how different [marriage] was gonna feel because we've been together for a while and two kids later, it's pretty solid, you know?

"But there was something really nice about [a wedding] and actually setting aside time to celebrate it and it does feel different, in a good way."

Jesse knows he can always turn to the 'Melancholia' actress when he needs career advice.

He said: "We connected first creatively and as friends and I just enjoy her instincts and her opinions so much.

"She has such great taste and [she's] very honest, which I appreciate."

Before the couple married in Jamaica last July, five years after getting engaged, Kirsten revealed she and Jesse referred to each other as "husband and wife" anyway, but knew they needed to find the time to make their union official.

She told the Los Angeles Times newspaper in February 2022: "We call each other husband and wife. But we have to get married at this point. It’s ridiculous. We just haven’t planned a wedding. There was COVID, then we had another child. I didn’t want to be pregnant, get married, have a party and not be able to have fun with everybody."

Around the same time, Kirsten and Jesse had each been nominated for an Academy Award for their roles as a struggling married couple in 1920s Montana in 'The Power of the Dog' and described how their relationship ran alongside their career milestones as being "like a storybook."

She said: "So Eric Kranzler, my manager, calls me. I'm watching the feed on my phone because my kids are watching cartoons and Jesse is at work. I called Jesse, and I was the first person to tell him, and he was a little shellshocked. I mean, it's just so crazy to be a couple and have our first nominations together. It's like a storybook."