Jet-Lagged Amy Poehler Derails Seth Meyers Interview to Talk About ‘Moonstruck’ | Video

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers delighted in derailing Poehler’s interview on “Late Night” on Wednesday, which was ostensibly designed to discuss her role in “Inside Out 2” but instead was largely about the 1987 film “Moonstruck.”

To kick off her interview, Poehler issued a disclaimer to both Meyers and the audience that she was severely jet-lagged from her “Inside Out 2” press tour travels to Australia, adding that she wasn’t totally in control of what she was saying and probably wouldn’t be capable of telling good stories.

Noting that the flight to Australia is 22 hours, Poehler revealed she watched “Parenthood” and “Moonstruck” on the plane before asking Meyers if they should just talk about “Moonstruck,” which he was thrilled to do as he revealed he only watched it for the first time a few years ago.

“First of all, Nicolas Cage, so hot,” Poehler said, with Meyers readily agreeing. “Like, white tank, yes. Sweaty, he’s like, making pizza? Teeth like a graveyard. Teeth like a graveyard! Cher, so hot. Gorgeous.” Poehler took a beat then said, “And zero chemistry between the two of them.”

Meyers agreed and noted that Cage and Cher seem to be in two different films, arguing that Cage “genuinely might be acting like he’s in a German expressionist film.” As the conversation progressed, Poehler briefly went on a tangent from her original tangent, panicking that her fly was down.

Eventually, Meyers got her back on track, even asking for Poehler to give her best impression of Cher saying “Snap out of it!” in her Oscar-winning performance.

You can watch the chaos unfold in the video above.

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