Jet2, Easyjet, Ryanair, TUI passengers told they must pack 'essential item'

Jet2, Ryanair, TUI, Easyjet and Wizz Air passengers have been told to stop travelling without one "essential item". Ryanair and Easyjet passengers, as well as those who fly with Jet2, TUI and more, have been told by a travel expert that there is one item they will "never" holiday without.

The travel pros at Lonely Planet have shared the item they’d always take away. The team said: “Always pack a sarong or shawl. Unless you’re certain you can find one locally, pack a sarong or shawl. It’s a blanket when the air-conditioning is icy.

"It’s an emergency towel. It’s privacy for getting changed on the beach. It’s modesty when you can’t enter a temple with your legs or shoulders showing.” The Lonely Planet team also recommends packing ginger or Dramamine if you know you’re likely to suffer from motion sickness.

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They added: “Don’t eat salty or spicy foods, avoid reading or using screens and turn on the overhead air vents.” They said: “Often the menu and sign will be in the local language, so be ready to order by pointing to what you see displayed on the counter or other patrons’ plates.”

The warning from the pros comes ahead of the major spring and summer getaway for British holidaymakers, with UK tourists heading abroad in the coming months for some much-needed and well-earned respite from the bleak and drab grey British weather.

Lonely Planet is a travel guide book publisher. Founded in Australia in 1973, the company has printed over 150 million books. It explains on its website: " At Lonely Planet, we believe travel opens the door to the greatest, most unforgettable experiences life can offer.

"And we have learned that the best travel is about putting yourself out there, about leaving behind the everyday, about immersing yourself, rather than just seeing the sights."