Jet2, Easyjet, TUI passengers warned to 'check kettle' in hotel rooms

Jet2, Ryanair, TUI, Easyjet passengers have been warned by a flight attendant to check a hotel appliance before using it - for a "weird" reason. Speaking out ahead of the summer getaway, Barbara Bacilieri has warned passengers across the country.

Speaking out to UK tourists, Barbara said she stayed in a number of hotels thanks to her job but admitted that you might not think of anything when making a hot drink in a hotel room. The airline worker told her 475,000 TikTok followers that you should ALWAYS check the kettle to make sure it is clean.

She said: "Always take a look inside the coffee pot. Before boiling water for making tea or coffee, think it through." Barbara hails from South America, where she works for a flight company and airline operator based in Argentina.

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"It is said that some guests use the boiling jar for weird stuff, such as washing underwear, cooking sausages or even cleaning the menstrual cup!" she said. She continued: "You weren’t expecting this one, right? Just imagine how many other things guests do and we don’t know."

She said: "Before getting into bed, lift the sheets. Check for bugs or socks that other guests may have left behind." She continued: "Some people think that everything that is in the room is free, or as they paid so expensive they have the right to take it.

"The batteries from the remote control or worse, the light bulbs from the lights." She added: "You wouldn’t believe how many guests take the hotel pillows home. And how many people have hotel towels at home? A lot."

Bacilieri finally joked in her clip, which has now gone viral on TikTok, that you should check the hotel room's safe just in case "you’re lucky and the previous guest forgot their millions."