Jet2 passenger called flight attendant 'silly cow' before trying to hug her after vodka binge

A drunk Jet2 passenger, 58, sparked chaos onboard flight from Benidorm by branding cabin crew staff a "silly little cow" in a foul-mouthed rant after downing wine and vodka. April Wilson repeatedly used the word 'f***' to staff and even tried to hug one.

She has now avoided jail time after being sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court. Ms Wilson was noticed to be 'upset' when she boarded the plane at Alicante and her behaviour soon led to complaints from other passengers on the journey to Newcastle.

The 58-year-old, who later admitted to drinking vodka the night before and two small bottles of wine on the flight, was said to have used the word 'f***' repeatedly. Two passengers had to be moved away from her as she caused a disturbance.

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Shortly after, Wilson tried to hug another member of staff. She has avoided jail time having been sentenced to six months, suspended for 18 months, at Newcastle Crown Court. Prosecutor Marc Atkins told the court: "During the flight a number of passengers complained about the defendant's behaviour as she was so intoxicated and kept swearing.

"As a member of cabin crew walked away, she heard the defendant say "f*** her". She went back and asked her again to stop swearing. At that point the defendant said "what the f*** are you going to do, you silly little cow."" Mr Atkins said: "She told her, "You don't f***ing understand, I need a hug", then she tried to grab her and hug her.

"She said her partner had been taunting her about her looks and intelligence and she shouted and swore in return. At the point while the aircraft was landing the defendant undone her seat belt and tried to get out of her seat, which caused numerous complaints.'

Katie Spence, defending, said Wilson was 'horrified' by her behaviour and added: "She has learned her lesson." Judge Gavin Doig said: "'I hear you are very remorseful and horrified about the way you behaved, as you should be."