Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet, TUI passengers face £257 charge before departure lounge

The full list of the UK's most expensive airport parking has been revealed - with one costing as much as a holiday. Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet, TUI passengers and more have been warned over airport parking costs which have risen by up to 260 per cent.

New research conducted by Spin Casino analysed data from 300 of the most popular airports in the world. Gatwick Airport passengers in London are spending 34.75 per cent of their weekly salary for one week’s parking at the airport costing £257.

This is more than it would cost to fly to a number of European destinations including Barcelona (£136), Tenerife (£154) and Rome (£78). Gatwick was rivalled by another airport in the capital city in the form of London City.

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The top ten included Gatwick Airport (£257) London City Airport (£171) Belfast City Airport (£170) Bristol Airport (£149) Heathrow Airport (£123.70) Luton Airport (£121.99) Birmingham Airport (£119.99) Leeds Bradford Airport (£112) as well as Stansted and Manchester at £111 and £92.

A spokesperson at Spin Casino said: "If you’re planning to travel by plane, the expenses can quickly add up, and with reports that parking is becoming more expensive than the flights themselves in some cases, it’s natural that the cost of parking might influence where you decide to fly from, or whether you decide to park at the airport rather than using public transport methods.

"Our research looked at the cost of airport parking at some of the most popular airports, in a wide variety of countries around the world. We took into account the average weekly salary in each country, to determine how affordable the parking will be for residents, proportional to their earnings. We used this to calculate an affordability score for each airport, to make the cost of parking at these airports comparable between countries with varying average incomes.

"Princess Juliana International Airport, which is located on the Caribbean island St Martin, is 2024’s most expensive airport for parking worldwide, but in the UK, Gatwick Airport took the top spot, followed by London City, Belfast City, and Bristol. In the research, we looked at parking options within a ten minute walking distance of the airport, which are uncommon at Gatwick, with most of the options requiring a shuttle bus transfer. This may explain why the costs were higher."