Jim Carrey blasts claims he gave ex STDs before her suicide

Jim Carrey has blasted claims that he gave his ex-girlfriend sexually transmitted diseases around the time of her suicide.

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Her estranged husband, Mark Burton, has claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit that Cathriona was tested and had Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea before she died in 2015.

He claims that Cathriona wrote a letter to the actor saying that she would find it difficult to find a new relationship following such a diagnosis which had led her to feel like “damaged goods”.

However, Carrey’s lawyer Marty Singer was quick to dismiss these ‘outrageous allegations’ which he states are being thrown to make money for Burton.

“The conduct of the parties confirms that the allegations will be proven false. Significantly, the alleged text messages referred to were sent in 2013, yet in November of 2014, Ms. White sought out my client and asked him to continue a serious relationship.

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"If he had engaged in the alleged horrible conduct, why would she reach out and request that they continue to stay together? In fact, they were even working out a cohabitation agreement, as they were living together for the most part up until her death.”

The statement also addresses Burton’s insistence that Catriona was taking Jim Carrey’s prescription drugs, saying that she took them without his permission.

He said in a statement: “Jim never supplied his prescription medications to Ms. White. Ms. White stole his prescription medications from him.

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"Significantly, my client’s prescriptions were legally obtained medications that were prescribed to him by his doctor in accordance with routine practices that are used all the time, and which are regularly used by SAG members and others with the knowledge of their doctors and insurers, to protect the privacy of well-known individuals.”

The lawsuit has been deemed an “abhorrent money-grab scheme”, insisting Burton is attempting to “cash in” on Cathriona’s death.

Jim Carrey said last night that he will defend his honour in court and that this is nothing more than an attempt to exploit him for money.