Jim Carrey reprises SNL role to play fly on Mike Pence’s head during debate

Jim Carrey has reprised his role as Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live and transformed into the fly that landed on vice president Mike Pence’s head.

The sketch showed Carrey as Mr Biden, sitting at home with his wife Jill watching the vice presidential debate between Mr Pence and Kamala Harris, before getting into a teleportation machine to become the fly which became a viral sensation.

Maya Rudolph reprised her role as the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the skit, and Beck Bennett played Mr Pence, while Kate McKinnon played moderator Susan Page.

Carrey’s Mr Biden also turned into Jeff Goldblum, who fans had suggested to play the insect on SNL after the actor starred in 1986 film The Fly, as a scientist who begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after an experiment goes wrong.

Later in the sketch, a second fly landed on the vice president’s head and Kenan Thompson appeared as a reincarnated Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate who died in July, a month after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Thompson’s Mr Cain said: “They invited me to a rally, said everything was fine, Herman. I catch corona, Trump tells me, ‘Everything is fine, Herman’.

“The White House doctors check me out, tell me, ‘Everything is fine, Herman’.

“Three days later I’m gone. If you’re watching this at home, don’t trust this white devil about that ‘rona.”