Jimmy Carr writes Kylie and Robbie‘s reunion song

Stand up king Jimmy Carr has penned lyrics for Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams’ forthcoming track Disco Symphony.

Now we are even more excited for the winning stars to reunite.


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The 48-year-old pop beauty and Party Like A Russian hitmaker’s careers collided when they duetted 16 years ago and released their classic Top 10 hit Kids.

Robbie teased recently that they’re gearing up to repeat that success by releasing another catchy tune but what we didn’t expect to hear was that Jimmy - who just so happens to be a huge fan of the chart toppers - offered the duo his comedic flare and co-write Disco Symphony, which was a “dream come true” for the 8 Out of 10 Cats host.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “It’s true, Jimmy co-wrote ‘Disco Symphony’ with Robbie and Guy (Chambers). As a huge music fan it was a bit of a dream come true for him and great fun. He contributed to the lyrics, and Robbie was really chuffed with the result. The song isn’t part of Rob’s current album campaign but he plans to get it out at some point soon.


Robbie Williams (Copyright: WENN)

Alas, though we have a name, Robbie revealed the song won’t drop until sometime in 2017 and won’t feature on his upcoming album Heavy Entertainment Show.

But the Rock DJ singer insisted it’s a “disco extravaganza” that he’ll wait to release when the moment is right, or maybe when his album is seeing a slump on sales? Either way, he can’t wait to perform with Kylie again and we can’t wait to see what Jimmy and co has come up with.

Robbie said: "Me and Kylie have gotten together to do a song called Disco Symphony. It’s a big disco extravaganza. It’s not on this album that is coming out in the next few months.

"But I have a cunning plan and that song is placed in my back pocket ready to be deployed at the right time […] It’s a cracker and I get to sing with Kylie Minogue again.”